Why You Should Ask For Coal (Stocks) In Your Stockings This Holiday Season

Are coal stocks a buy?  They are likely to finish 2015 down a whopping 5 years in a row, along with another hated sector, gold stocks.  Both are down over 80% from their peak. I've written a lot about reversion strategies on this blog and my books.  It is always hard to try and decide when an investment has declined...

Advisors Have it Wrong, the Robots are Your Friend!

I've talked to death about roboadvisors, asset allocation, and ETFs over the past year.  In general it is a wonderful time to be an investor, and many robos have reduced the cost of managing an asset allocation portfolio down to about 0.25% (plus ETF fees) with tax harvesting included.  I think they are wonderful and have recommended them to many...

The Trinity Portfolio

We examined 15 famous asset allocation strategies in my last book Global Asset Allocation.  (If you haven't read it yet I'll send you a free copy.) I would like to have included a lot more tactical ideas in the book but there is a constant struggle between keeping an idea/book simple, but satisfying the supernerds like me with enough of a...

Idea Conferences

  Below is a list of conferences that are a good source of new investment ideas, roughly in approximate order of the calendar year. Am I missing any good ones? Wine Retreat AFG Research Ira Sohn Value Investing Congress  Value Conferences  Drobny  The Big Picture  Boston Investment Conference Grant’s Conference  Invest for Kids Santangels Forum Barron’s Roundtable  UVa Investment Conference Great Investors’ Best Ideas Bloomberg Global Summit Harbor Investment Conference

TAA Model Website

Cool new website with a review of my old timing model: Extradash Click to enlarge

Choose the Cover for Book #5

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Reader Help : Low Yield

It has long been ingrained in our psyche that dividend stocks outperform.  There our countless books on the subject, including one by yours truly.  And while we think using shareholder yield is a brilliant way to invest, there is no doubt that paying taxes on dividends every quarter is sub-optimal.  So, here's my thinking Dividend stocks have historically outperformed the...

When Did You Know You Were Rich?

My Dad and I used to talk a lot about his childhood, as he grew up on a farm with no money.  He used to say "Christmas was a new pair of blue jeans every year".  But he also used to say that even without any real monetary wealth, he was still happy.  He could still play baseball, still...


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