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The 5:2:1 Rule

I often reference the 5:2:1 rule on the podcast.  Those are the real returns, net of inflation, that stocks, bonds, and bills have returned the past 100+ years.  You could add in gold and housing to the 1% section too as they all do about…

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You Don’t Have to Play

I was giving a speech this week to the Stansberry group in Las Vegas and was, as always, talking about valuations.  Specifically I was talking about Bogle’s simple stock market formula for forecasting future 10 year returns.  The example I gave went something like this:…

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Episode #21: “We Can’t Make a Prediction Worth a Damn”

Episode #21: “We Can’t Make a Prediction Worth a Damn” Guest: Michael Covel. Characterized as “essential” and “required reading,” Michael teaches beginners to seasoned pros how to generate profits with straightforward and repeatable rules. He is best known for popularizing the counter-intuitive and very controversial…

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The Advisor Guide to Adding a Robo Offering to Your Practice

(Note: If you are an advisor that would like access to Cambria’s Trinity portfolios, shoot me an email to discuss.) Are you a RIA thinking about partnering with a roboadvisor? Wondering how the various offerings and fees differ? Or maybe you’re just a curious bystander,…

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Longest Bull, Ever?

Filed under I didn’t know that – we’re at the third longest bull ever in the Dow, and if we last till December will be 2nd longest, and if we last till March will be the longest bull market ever!  Nice chart from the always great…

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Episode #20: “Listener Q&A”

Episode #20: “Listener Q&A” Guest: Episode #20 has no guest, but is co-hosted by Meb’s co-worker, Jeff Remsburg. Date: 9/12/16 Run-Time: 39:29 Topics:  Episode #20 is another “Listener Q&A” episode. Meb starts by telling us about his frustration after doing a guest panel on CNBC…

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