10 Best Articles from Q1

Below are a few upcoming speeches.  If you are in town and want to schedule a meeting, or just want to say hello, please send me an email.

April 9th, New York, QuantCon (This Saturday!)

April 25 – 28, Arizona, FPA Retreat 

There will also be two local speeches in the Los Angeles area in May, stay tuned for venue and times.

As always, if you would like to see me travel to your city and give a talk, please reach out.

We have also started writing more content on my blog.  Below you can find 10 of my best articles from the first quarter if you missed them.

  1. What You Don’t Want To Hear About Dividend Stocks
  2. Take Lots Of Risk, Or None At All? My Portfolio Allocation For 2016
  3. Ranking Global Stock Markets On Valuation
  4. How Much Do You Have In Foreign Bonds? Probably Zero.
  5. How Does A Market Get Cheap? The P In P/E
  6. When Low Vol Becomes High Vol
  7. How To Beat 98% Of All Mutual Funds
  8. Building A $60 Billion Asset Manager – A Dive Into Ken Fisher’s Returns
  9. All The Allocation Models In The World
  10. Institutional Investors, They’re Just Like Us!