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This excerpt is from the book Global Asset Allocation now available on Amazon as an eBook.   If you promise to write a review, go here and I’ll send you a free copy. —- I would classify both my mother and grandmother as traditional Southern…

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Small Cap CAPE Ratios

We sent this to The Idea Farm, and I’m a big fan of the work Norbert and crew do at Star Capital. Click to enlarge.  

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Three Years Down in a Row System

I wrote about mean reversion in my book The Ivy Portfolio back in 2008.  Below is a chart from the book with a couple studies of what has happened after you buy assets down multiple years in a row. (You can also search the blog…

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6 Million Dollar Fintech Opportunities

Over two years ago I did a post called “Five Million Dollar Investing Ideas”, though you could now replace “Investing” with “Fintech”.  I update the status of all of the ideas at the bottom of the post, and it is great to see many companies tackling the…

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Trend Review – Last Man Standing

Below are some basic charts of the main asset classes with our old 10 month simple moving average overlaid.  The old QTAA model would be parked in a whopping 80% or so cash and bonds right now.  It is surprising to see, but the only…

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Would You Rather Own The Unicorns, or Facebook?

Back in 2000 I was a biomedical engineering student at Virginia (who happens to be in the College baseball World Series, go Hoos!).  I was in love with genetics and all things biotech, but also spent plenty of time reading annual reports and buying and selling…

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