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Over $100k in Prizes

We’ve had a few five figure winners from blog readers in past contests, let’s get some more! AQR Insight ($100,000 prize) NAAIM Wagner Award ($10,000 prize) MTA Dow Award ($5,000 prize)

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Advisors Have it Wrong, the Robots are Your Friend!

I’ve talked to death about roboadvisors, asset allocation, and ETFs over the past year.  In general it is a wonderful time to be an investor, and many robos have reduced the cost of managing an asset allocation portfolio down to about 0.25% (plus ETF fees) with…

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The Trinity Portfolio

We examined 15 famous asset allocation strategies in my last book Global Asset Allocation.  (If you haven’t read it yet I’ll send you a free copy.) I would like to have included a lot more tactical ideas in the book but there is a constant…

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Idea Conferences

  Below is a list of conferences that are a good source of new investment ideas, roughly in approximate order of the calendar year. Am I missing any good ones? Wine Retreat AFG Research Ira Sohn Value Investing Congress  Value Conferences  Drobny  The Big Picture …

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