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Does the Government Owe You Money?

I do this post every year around tax time, and somehow forgot this year.  But, when I saw this New York Times article I thought I would send out a reminder.  I used to say this would be a great way to get a job…

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My Readers are Cheap Bastards

…and I consider that a compliment – love the value investors out there! I have done lots of posts on self-publishing, here is a good one from James recently on publishing 3.0.  Below is the distribution of books sold/free from my last two books combined.…

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Upcoming Speeches

I should have posted this sooner, but local LA folks can swing by two speeches.  Today (sorry!) in West LA, then in a few weeks downtown (though $) on August 23rd.  You’re supposed to RSVP for the first one but if you show up early…

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Teaching Your Children How to Invest

I had a reader email in the other day with a seemingly simple question:  what is the best way to teach your child to invest?  This got me to thinking quite a bit while walking > 100 holes of golf this weekend (note: I’m not…

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112 Year Holding Period Not Enough

This is a great chart from Patrick O’Shaughnessy on worst case returns for stocks.  As you can see, the US had pretty good returns for the past 112 years, but even then there was a 20 year period where you still lost money.  In fact,…

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Hacking the Top Hedge Funds

Long time readers know that I’ve been publicly writing about tracking the top hedge funds through 13F filings since 2006 (but following them since 2000).  I’m mostly done with book #4 on the topic, and thought it would be fun to share the 25 fund…

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