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Podcast Episode #33: “Listener Q&A”

Guest: Episode #33 has no guest, but is co-hosted by Meb’s co-worker, Jeff Remsburg. Date Recorded: 12/13/16 Run-Time: 53:31 Topics:  It’s another Q&A episode before everyone gets too busy with the holiday swirl. Per usual, Meb has just come back from more travel, this time…

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The Top Investing Podcasts of 2016

I’ve become a big consumer of podcasts over the past year, but I also struggle with sorting them all.  There are only so many dog walks and airplane rides after all…(But it was cool to see the WSJ name our podcast a top 5 investing podcast!)…

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2017 Investment Outlook Linkfest

If I’m missing any let me know and I’ll update… Enjoy! Vanguard Goldman Sachs and ChartBook Credit Suisse Oppenheimer PineBridge Templeton Robeco and here GMO (sorta) T. Rowe Deutsche Bank UBS Vanguard BNP Paribas JP Morgan Commerzbank SSGA HSBC CSFB Russell Pioneer Invesco SSGA

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Who Can Build This For Me?

I would like a developer, or a development team, to build me a clone of Acorns or Stash. Their business model is to charge fees of $1/month for accounts under $5,000, which is obscene since the average account balance is about $200.  This equates to…

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