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The Forever Fund

Most investors say they are investing for the long haul.  They say they have a 10-50 year time horizon, but act emotionally on a time frame of weeks, quarters, and years.  So how do you combat these behavioral temptations of chasing performance?  How do you…

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Episode #50: Radio Show: Faber Spin-Off Executed

Guest: Episode #50 has no guest, but is co-hosted by Jeff Remsburg. Date Recorded: 5/1/17 Run-Time: 1:09:46 Episode Sponsor: Wunder Capital and Soothe To listen to Episode #50 on iTunes, click here To listen to Episode #50 on Stitcher, click here To listen to Episode…

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Paying For A Filet, And Getting Bologna

Most of you reading this are old enough to remember the Beech-Nut fake apple juice scandal in the 1980s.  (I’m not, but Jeff wrote the intro and he’s a couple years older than me…) In short, Beech-Nut was marketing “100% apple juice” yet its product…

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The Dividend Growth Myth

A few weeks ago, I was sipping coffee, thumbing through Barron’s as I do every weekend. It’s a way in which I keep a pulse on what’s going on in our space.   Though I never consciously pay attention to ads, on that particular morning,…

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