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My Portfolio for 2015

Note: Please read this old post before the below for background info. As I have detailed in the past, I think it is paramount for your money manager or advisor to have ‘skin in the game’.  I am happy to be 100% transparent with my…

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How did CAPE do in 2014?

Readers know that I am a fan of using long term valuation metrics as a fundamental anchor to pick stock markets around the world.  It worked great in 2013, but in 2014 that worked fairly poorly as many of the cheap markets have gotten even…

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Be a Good Loser

I’ve been writing this white paper/book on asset allocation strategies which has been really insightful and fun.  Actually I’ve been mostly putting off writing it but here’s to hoping that I get it done by year end. One of the biggest challenges of investing is…

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Global Asset Allocation White Paper

I’ve mentioned this a few times before, but I’m putting together a survey of various global asset allocation models.  I would be curious to know what sort of topics or questions you may like to see included…below is a very rough draft chapter outline…goal is…

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Price Going Up

Just a quick last reminder to all those looking to subscribe to The Idea Farm  – the price is going up at year end… Subscribers that join us in 2014 will always pay the lower rate of $299/year.  Starting in 2015, a yearly sub increases to $399…

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