Right Brain vs. Left Brain

This is driving me crazy. I am pretty convinced this dancer only moves clockwise, but people tell me the see it counter-clockwise so I will have to believe them. . .

Longtime readers will know I have a reading problem. I pre-ordered a few more books.

Create Your Own ETF Hedge Fund: A Do-It-Yourself ETF Strategy for Private Wealth Management by Dave Fry over at ETF Digest.

Jack Hough, who writes the great Stockscreen column for SmartMoney (the only reason I subscribe), also has a book coming out. He basis his research on sound academic evidence, and I really look forward to his book – Your Next Great Stock: How to Screen the Market for Tomorrow’s Top Performers

And one more – this book seems to have a wide spectrum of opinions, I am surprised I just heard about it. Rocking Wall Street: Four Powerful Strategies That will Shake Up the Way You Invest, Build Your Wealth And Give You Your Life Back written by FOF manager Gary Marks.

Maybe I should just sign up for BookSwim?

Have a great weekend and enjoy one of my favorite cartoons: