Price Going Up

Just a quick last reminder to all those looking to subscribe to The Idea Farm  – the price is going up at year end…

Subscribers that join us in 2014 will always pay the lower rate of $299/year.  Starting in 2015, a yearly sub increases to $399 – but those that join by year end will be grandfathered in for the life of their subscription.

You can view some samples here.

New features this year include a weekly hedge fund profile every Sunday along with current 13F stock picks.  You also get access to:

– 1-2 emails each week with new research pieces from the top research boutiques across the country.

–  Quarterly valuation ratios for over 40 countries around the world including CAPE, CAPB, CAPD etc…

–  Excel quant backtester to test momentum and trend strategies.

The focus will be research that tends to be independent, actionable, and practical. Often we will disagree with some or all of the material, but believe in being exposed to ideas that contradict our own. You will gain access to publications that would cost well over $100,000 to subscribe to individually. We will never share, sell, or otherwise pass along your email address.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Don’t miss out – subscribe to The Idea Farm before year end!