The Top Investing Podcasts of 2016

I’ve become a big consumer of podcasts over the past year, but I also struggle with sorting them all.  There are only so many dog walks and airplane rides after all…(But it was cool to see the WSJ name our podcast a top 5 investing podcast!)

If you’re looking to escape the family over the holidays…good news!  I asked my podcast buds for their top downloaded podcasts of 2016…you can find the list below, with mine at the end.

We’ll do the same with articles and blog posts so stay tuned…



Ritholtz Masters in Business

Bill Miller

Aswath Damodaran 

Lawrence Levy 

William McNabb 

Ruchir Sharma 

Note:  Barry is sort of the godfather of investment podcasting so I’m including a few more not to be missed…

Daniel Kahneman

Jack Bogle

Philip Tetlock

Lawrence Juber


Frank Curzio

Epsilon Theory – Ben Hunt

The First Debate (with Josh Brown)

The Day After (with Grant Williams)

Anthem! (with 2 of my daughters)

Michael Covel’s Trend Following 

Charles Faulkner Special 

Chris Voss

Robert Cialdini

Sunrise Capital

Anders Ericsson


The James Altucher Show

Tim Ferriss

Robert Cialdini


Seth Godin

Ron Paul


Wharton Business Radio – Jeremy Schwartz and Co

Bill Sharpe

Narayana Kocherlakota

James Bullard

Sebastian Mallaby

Andy Rothman


The Investors Podcast – Preston and Stig

Cullen Roche

Jim Rickards

Meb Faber

Jesse Felder

Raoul Pal


Invest Like the Best – Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Michael Mauboussin

Brent Beshore 

Jason Zweig

Ted Seides 

Josh Brown 


RealVision TV – Raoul Pal

(All found on same page)

Kyle Bass

Dwight Anderson

Edward Misrahi

Josh Wolfe

Julian Brigden


Macro Voices – Erik Townsend 

Steve Keen

Hugh Hendry

Raoul Pal

Jeffrey Snider

Julian Brigden

Satyajit Das


The Meb Faber Show

Rob Arnott

Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Michael Covel

Larry Swedroe

Porter Stansberry

*Mark Yusko (newer, but on pace for top 5)