Cambria Passes $1 Billion in Assets Under Management

Just a quick note to say “thank you.”

As most of you know, a common measuring stick in our industry for a company’s size and capability is “assets under management” (AUM).

In the past few days, Cambria passed a significant AUM milestone – we crossed $1 billion in AUM. This means, while certainly not a big company, we’re no longer a small one.

This achievement has been more than a decade in the making, and was anything but certain in Cambria’s early days. I remember sleeping on friends’ couches around the country so that I could give bleary-eyed “get the word out” speeches to audiences that likely forgot the name “Cambria” five seconds after I finished. Then there was the excitement of my first published white paper, only to be humbled when they misattributed the authorship to “Melanie Faber.” And of course, there have been the setbacks common to any young company – lean financial years, and the general headwinds of being a small fish in a big pond. Yet for every challenge, there’s been an even greater sense of reward as we’ve watched Cambria evolve; and here we are today, finally, at $1B.  This would never have been possible, of course, without a great team surrounding Eric and me – so a big tip of the hat to Sarah, Keetz, Himanshu, David, and Jeff.

While countless partners also deserve thanks for their roles in reaching this point – none more so than the investors that have placed their hard-earned capital in our hands.

Thank you.

Cambria doesn’t have a large advertising budget (or any advertising budget, for that matter). As such, our growth has come from friends like you who have supported us – reading our books and white papers, listening to our podcasts, investing in our funds and portfolios, endorsing us to friends, partnering with us as equity investors in our company… In short, we’ve reached this point on the backs of our supportive and loyal friends who have helped carry us here.

Looking forward, we’re excited to tackle our next crazy research projects, improve our current offerings and launch new ones, all with the goal of delivering a better portfolio and experience to the end investor. But for the moment, we want to pause and simply express our gratitude to each and every one of you for helping us get this far.

So, on behalf of Eric and the entire Cambria team, we thank you!

Meb and Eric