Top Investment Podcasts of 2018

If you’re looking to escape the family over the holidays…good news!  I asked my podcast buds for their top downloaded podcasts of 2018…you can find the list below…

Here is 20172016, and 2015.  Here is also a list of potpourri when I queried followers on Twitter for their favorites…

Here is the list in playlist format where you can listen to all of them in any podcast app, cool!

Let me know if I missed any great ones! Happy holidays!

The Meb Faber Show

i3 Invest

Standard Deviations – Daniel Crosby

Farnam Street – Shane Parrish

Corey Hoffstein – Flirting with Models

Ritholtz Masters in Business

Michael Covel’s Trend Following 

The Jolly Swagman

James Altucher Report

This Week in Startups – Jason Calacanis

The Felder Report – Jesse Felder

The Investors Podcast – Preston and Stig

Financial Advisor Success – Michael Kitces

Animal Spirits – Batnick and Carlson

The Monthly Dirtcast – Jared Dillian

Tommy Thornton

Wharton Business Radio – Jeremy Schwartz and Co

The Disciplined Investor Podcast

Stansberry Investor Hour – Buck Sexton & Porter Stansberry

Invest Like the Best – Patrick O’Shaughnessy