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The Investment Brief

It is good to see people tackling our 5 Million Dollar Ideas in FinTech.  Below is one such example, and I’ve talked the founder into letting my readers have a free three month subscription.  See below:   Download The Investment Brief app for free from…

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Supply and Demand

Same amount of money chasing reduced supply = PE multiple expansion. Nice piece from Barron’s this wknd.    

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This is a fun video I had never seen before on John Law (HT @ValueWalk) Some readings at the end… Learning to Love Investment Bubbles     John Law and the Mississippi Bubble by Richard Condie, National Film Board of Canada Market Bubbles Manias, Panics,…

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When Funds Go Out of Business

I used to write a lot about the managed futures space.  I love the strategy, but still think it is ripe for disruption.  Add on the fact that it has been a poor environment for these funds the last few years and HALF of all…

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Risk Parity : The Interrogation

Gonna try and listen to this on the plane back to LA. Webcast Replay Download Slides   More from Bwater, Salient, and Invesco: The All Weather Story   Investment Insights – When Yields Rise   Risk Parity in a Rising Rates Regime      …

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