The Best Investment Writing 2016

Following up on our earlier post on the Top Investment Podcasts of 2016, below are the most read investment blogs from all of our writer friends…I don’t know why someone doesn’t compile this into a book ala The Best Science Fiction Writing of 2016 like you see in all the airports…$1 million dollar idea for someone!

If I missed some send ’em over…

In no particular order…enjoy!


Above the Market – Bob Seawright

Underestimating the Density of the Fog

Horrid Facts, Stubborn Facts

Complexity, Chaos and Chance

A Hierarchy of Advisor Value

Evidence is Not Enough


Larry Swedroe

Passive Investing Won’t Break Market

Investors Should Re-Examine Annuity Aversion

EM Looks Terrible—Time To Buy

Mutual Funds Lace Portfolios With Dividend ‘Juice’

Irrelevance Of Dividends


Musings on Markets – Aswath Damodaran

Negative Interest Rates: Impossible, Unnatural or just Unusual (March 2016)

Tesla, A Story Stock but what’s the story?

Superman and Stocks: It’s not the CAPE, it’s the kryptonite (cash flow)

Keystone Kop Valuations: Lazard, Evercore and the TSLA/SCTY deal

Venture Capital: It’s a pricing, not a value game


MarketFolly – Jay

Charlie Munger’s Recommended Reading List 

London Value Investor Conference Notes

Review of “So You Want To Start a Hedge Fund

Invest For Kids Chicago Notes

Marc Andreessen on Hedge Funds vs Venture Capital

Alpha Architect – Wes Gray






Newfound – Corey Hoffstein

Diversification Will Always Disappoint 

Outperforming by Underperforming

If you’re going to sin, sin systematically

Even bad strategies will perform well

Are 3-year track records meaningful? 

Is dividend investing dangerous?


ReSolve – Butler, Philbrick, Gordillo

Stop Paying for Active Management Beta

Can Robo-Advisors Evolve?

Risk Parity isn’t the Problem, it’s the Solution

The Importance of Asset Allocation vs. Security Selection: A Primer

Bold, Confident & WRONG: Why You Should Ignore Expert Forecasts


Bason Asset – James Osborne

Too Much Feedback

Live on Less. Have More

Permanently Bearish Commentary

What I’ve Learned in 10 Years

Meditations (for Investors)


Financial Mentor – Todd Tresidder

Deadly Dozen Investment Mistakes to Avoid…

5 Must Ask Investment Due Diligence Questions

Are You Gambling or Investing?

What’s A Good Investment?


Pragmatic Capitalism – Cullen Roche

Understanding Modern Portfolio Construction

Passive Investing Isn’t Hurting the Economy

How To Avoid the Problem of Short-termism

5 Big Macro Myths

The Big Picture – Barry Ritholtz

Learning to say “I Don’t Know”

A Dubious Lawyer’s Dubious Tax Claims Against Vanguard

John D. Rockefeller Was Richer – Way Richer – Than You Are…

The Frightening Global Rise of Agnotology


Mish Talk – Mike Shedlock

Great Trump Rotation: 9th Highest Equity Inflow on Record; Contrary Indicators

Saxo Bank CIO Bets on Weaker Dollar, Cites Blowout Equity Bubble



A Buffett Market Valuation Indicator

All Things Buffett

Large-Caps Looking Ultra-Pricey

Is The Growth/Value Pendulum Swinging?


Econompic – Jake

Case for momentum in expensive markets

Predicting 60/40 returns

Why does crime feel exponentially higher when it’s lower

Etf’s may actually make weak players weaker

Nerd’s Eye View – Michael Kitces

How The Internet & Early #FinTech Destroyed Actively Managed Mutual Funds

The Sorry State Of Risk Tolerance Questionnaires For Financial Advisors

Dollar Cost Averaging May Help To Manage Risk But On Average It Just Reduces Returns


WisdomTree – Jeremy Schwartz

On the Rise and Fall of Nations

Tech vs. Utilities: Which Is a Better Income Strategy?

The Difference between Small Cap Issuers and Buybackers

Does A Min Vol Approach Compound Risk in Conservative Allocations?

The Other Side of the Low Vol Trade

Why Diversification Is Not Dead: A Small Cap Example


Investing for Profit and Joy – Howard Lindzon

We give Machines Too Much Credit When it Comes to Investing 

The Bond Market Hates Donald Trump 

Alt. Common Sense – Financial Thinking That Works 

The Stock Market Does not Care How we Feel 

Communuity Community Community – and Sustainable Competitive Advantage 


A Wealth of Common Sense – Ben Carlson

10 Money Revelations in My 30s

Bogle vs. Goliath

10 Purchases That Are Worth the Money


Betterment Crew

Can You Have a 401(k) and an IRA?

Roth IRA Rules: Smart Ways to Avoid Taxes on a Conversion

Safety Net Funds: Why Traditional Advice Is Wrong

How to Save for Your First Down Payment

How to Select Investments for Your 401(k)


5 Good Questions – Jacob Taylor

Mebane Faber – Invest with the House

Jeff Gramm – Dear Chairman

Jeremy Miller – Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules

Edward Chancellor – Capital Returns

Jason Zweig – The Devil’s Financial Dictionary


Abnormal Returns – Tadas Viskanta

Finance blogger wisdom: peak robo-advisor?

Forty years of indexing: from folly to fear

Diversification, hindsight bias and leaving the past behind

Three proven steps to ‘instant alpha’


The Reformed Broker – Josh Brown


Simple vs Complex

The best performing asset class no one talks about

Off the Lows ™

Everyone is a Closet Technician

The Irrelevant Investor – Michael Batnick

Long-Term, Really Long-Term, And What You Should Focus On

The Worst Bear Market That Nobody Ever Talks About

My Investing Mentors

The Permanent Portfolio


Collaborative Fund – Morgan Housel

When You Change the World and No One Notices

The Most Overlooked Trait of Investing Success

Sustainable Sources of Competitive Advantage


Aleph Blog – David Merkel

Estimating Future Stock Returns

You Can Get Too Pessimistic

On Investment Charlatans

Simple Stuff: What is Risk?

If All Investments Were Private


FP Pad – Bill Winterberg

Riskalyze Raises $20 Million from FTV Capital: CEO Aaron Klein

Riskalyze announces its new Check-Ins feature, eMoney Advisor shows off its new client experience, Fidelity offers a preview of its new Wealthscape™ platform, and TD Ameritrade Institutional tells me when you can expect Veo One.

Locky ransomware strikes again, updates on LPL Financial’s automated investment service, and Morningstar releases sustainability ratings for mutual funds.


Meb Faber Research

The Trinity Portfolio

50% Returns Coming For Commodities And Emerging Markets?

How To Beat 98% Of All Mutual Funds

Ranking Global Stock Markets On Valuation

2015 Automated Platform Performance Review: Betterment Vs. Wealthfront

Which Institution Has The Best Asset Allocation Model?