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Ranking Global Stock Markets On Valuation

A question… When an overvalued security continues rising in price, does that mean the valuation indicator is broken? If you listen to many investors, the answer would be “yes.” An oft-repeated phrase I hear goes something like: “ABC valuation indicator has been flashing expensive since…

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What Do The Biggest Investors Expect For Stocks?

I started to fill out this table then quickly got bored.  So, I’ll just include lots of links to PDFs of the source materials.  Returns in the table are REAL returns, after inflation.  GMO is the grumpiest, JPM the rosiest…Vanguard and Bridgewater are also expecting…

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All the Allocation Models in the World

I am currently updating The Idea Farm backtester, which lets you test any buy and hold allocation back to the 1970s, now across over 37 assets.  There is also the ability to test basic relative strength and trendfollowing strategies. I’ve updated it through 2015, and…

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C’mon Bounce

We had one of the lowest bullish readings ever on the AAII Sentiment survey.  That’s not surprising, of course, after the worst start for stocks EVER.     I’ve been quite bearish on US stocks for awhile – the combo of high valuations, and a…

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Institutional Investors, They’re Just Like Us!

On of the popular celebrity magazines has a feature called “Stars, they’re just like us!” It shows photos of celebs doing such mundane activities as getting coffee at Starbucks and going on walks with their babies.  There is a genuine fascination with celebrity culture (believe…

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