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Reader Help : Low Yield

It has long been ingrained in our psyche that dividend stocks outperform.  There our countless books on the subject, including one by yours truly.  And while we think using shareholder yield is a brilliant way to invest, there is no doubt that paying taxes on…

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When Did You Know You Were Rich?

My Dad and I used to talk a lot about his childhood, as he grew up on a farm with no money.  He used to say “Christmas was a new pair of blue jeans every year”.  But he also used to say that even without…

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Now that Bloomy has opened an LA bureau with a comparable snack bar to that of HQ in NYC, I will happily join and chat markets anytime!    

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What is(n’t) Possible

I got pitched (spammed) some marketing materials from a tactical bond RIA a few months ago.  They claimed 9+% returns, no down years, and a sub 5% drawdown.  Audited over 25 years!  Oops, I forgot, also a 1.3 Sharpe Ratio.  And all of this is…

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Sovereign High Yield Bond Strategy

There is ample research that shows that sorting government bonds on yield works great.  The outperformance has been very consistent over the years at about 2% a year.  The Dimson, Marsh, Staunton crew examined this in their 2012 GIRY issue, and graphic is below.  These…

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