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Summary of the RoboAdvisor Space

Below is a basic chart cobbled together from public information and some ballpark guesses on my part.  If you find any inaccuracies, let me know and I’ll fix. Some of these are hybrids (Vanguard, Personal) and some have some opaque fees (Schwab) and one is…

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Best Tweets of the Week

I’ll start publishing this weekly instead of monthly…here’s the first!   [View the story “Tweets of the Week” on Storify]  

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What You Don’t Want to Hear About Dividend Stocks

When was the last time you had an idea that resulted in the threat of your torture? In the early 1600s, Galileo was expanding upon Copernicus’ idea that the earth revolves around the sun. The easy-going church was slightly less than enthused. In short, things…

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Always Read the Endnotes

Two fun endnotes from a recent Arnott article: 1.  Active managers have failed to deliver on clients’ return expectations through no fault of their own. This result is almost a tautology. When the capitalization-weighted index strategies are removed from the cap-weighted market, we’re left with…

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Best Tweets of February (and Jan too)

Last week I polled my Twitter followers, and as a result we’re moving the “Best Tweets” feature from monthly to weekly.  It may end up as its own tab or even app, not sure quite what to do with it.   Email in if you have any…

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When Low Vol Becomes High Vol

One of the most fertile areas of research is in factor rotation.  Any asset class, investment strategy, or factor, despite working well over time, goes through periods of over and underperformance.  Those periods set the stage for future reversion, and are largely due to fund…

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