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New Book!

My new book is out Thursday!  I think this is a really fun one, and in honor of the publication I made my last three books free from 7th-12th. Pick up a copy, or four, and let me know what you think!  

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Global Stock Market Valuations in 2016

I talk a lot about global stock market valuations on this blog.  For those unfamiliar with my work, here is an old article “Everything you Need to Know about the CAPE ratio“, or you can pick up my book Global Value. I believe long term…

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Stock Valuations and Returns in 2015

Most global stock markets got spanked in 2015.  The average country lost about 10% (USD based investor.) Using a value approach worked well however.  The cheapest third of global stock markets outperformed the most expensive by about 5 percentage points.  That is why I say…

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Top Investment Writing of 2015

Inspired by a lot of the year end lists, Tadas and I asked our writer friends two questions:  What was the best article you wrote in 2015, and what was the best article you read in 2015?  (This is similar to Bloomberg’s Jealousy List which is…

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The Best Podcasts of 2015

I polled some writer friends and asked them, “What was the best podcast you listened to in 2015?” Below are the answers, enjoy!   [View the story “Best Podcasts of 2015” on Storify]

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Top Posts of 2015

Below I thought I would aggregate my favorite 10 or so articles I’ve written over the past year.  I’ll be adding a fun addition next week with Tadas of AR featuring the top posts from our blogger friends, and their favorite reads too. Enjoy! [View…

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