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Which Institution Has The Best Asset Allocation Model?

If you’re like most investors, you’re asking the wrong questions. I was chatting with a group of advisors this week down in La Jolla and a question arose. I’ll paraphrase: “Meb, thanks for the talk.  We get a steady stream of salespeople and consultants in…

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Do As I Say, Or Do As I Do?

I include this chart in most of my speeches on asset allocation as it shows just how wrong the crowd can be at EXTREMES.  People were most bullish in literally the worst month ever, and most bearish at the exact BOTTOM. Why they are all…

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Which ETF Would You Like To See Next?

I often ask my audience questions since their beliefs and preferences differ vastly from my own.  All of our book covers have been crowdsourced since I have no design ability whatsoever, and we even had a fun contest for the upcoming podcast name.  (While we’ll…

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New Podcast Coming

I just got back from giving a couple talks in Arizona and Florida and decided it is finally time to do a podcast.  So, the big question remains, what is the right format?  Ritholtz and Covel and Ferriss already do a great job of interviews…

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How Much Are Those Dividends Costing You?

  If you enter the phrase “dividend investing” in Google, how many entries do you expect you’ll get? I got 57 million in 0.60 seconds. A search for “dividends” on Amazon returns a whopping 8,000 books, with exciting titles such as “Get Rich with Dividends”…

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